Christmas 2023 ‘Girls Futsal’ Camp

December 2023 ‘Girls Futsal’ 2 day Camp

Place Leisure Eastleigh, Hampshire 

Suitable for players aged 7 – 14 years of age

Dates: 19th & 20th December  2023

Days: Tuesday & Wednesday

Times: 09:30 – 15:30

Price: £25 per day


This small sided game is slightly different to the actual game we all know and love as it is recognised as a game of its own but still playing football just on a smaller scale. It is a huge part of the way South American footballers grow up and now many other countries are starting to understand the benefits of why the game is so important to learn from and it is now played worldwide. Players who grew up playing futsal range from Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and winner of FIFA World player of the year (6 times) Brazilian female footballer Marta.

Some of the rules of Futsal include but are not limited to:

Heavier ball (for control)
Small sided indoor game with a pitch marked out
5v5 (of which one will be the goalkeeper)
Rolling substitutions  (on and off at any time)
No throw ins
No off sides
No goal kicks from the GK

Here is a link to have a look at why Futsal will help your daughter improve her skills:

Benefits of playing futsal for young players 

Benefits of playing futsal for young players

Training your team over the winter? Indoor futsal is the perfect game to play. FA youth coach developer, Ian Bateman, gives 10 reasons why.
The Elite Futsal course we are running is intended to introduce the game to the players who attend (beginners and experienced) whilst helping them to understand the importance of how to dribble, pass and control the ball effectively.

This will help them to develop their 1v1’s, ball mastery, speed of thought and challenge players behaviours in football, allowing them to improve their ability on the ball and their decision making.

There will be lots of skills learnt as well as small sided games to play during the 2 days which will engage each person in different ways with plenty of time to stay on the ball to encourage positivity, building confidence, making friends and most importantly, Plenty of fun!

– ALL Coaches hold valid DBS, Emergency First Aid, Safeguarding Children Certification

– ALL staff COVID-19 Awareness certified

For more information, please contact Sean Lewis or Wai Wan